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Myriad Kofkin Global (MKG) are Australia's leading intersectionality experts, pioneering the application of intersectional frameworks in organisations to drive tangible progress. At the forefront of innovative practices, our suite of services, including Training & Education, Advisory and Leadership Support, Consultation and Community Engagement, Group Facilitation, Strategic Brokerage, Research and Social Policy Analysis, Qualitative Evaluation, and Diversity and Inclusion, uniquely positions us as the vanguard of impact advisory. Our distinct approach is deeply rooted in extensive grassroots networks across Australia, enriched by our team's profound lived and learned experiences. Specialising in working with diverse and multicultural communities, MKG emphasises an intersectional, trauma-informed, and human-centred design across all our offerings. This comprehensive and empathetic approach not only addresses the complexities of today's societal and business landscapes but also ensures that our clients achieve sustainable success, enhanced inclusivity, and enriched organisational cultures. As Australia's premier intersectionality consultants, MKG is dedicated to transforming how businesses understand and implement diversity and inclusion, making us the go-to partner for organisations committed to making a significant and lasting impact.

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Our multidisciplinary team offer expertise in developing and delivering impact advisory services using evidence-based methodologies. Our Principal Consultants alone have over 55 years combined experience, expertise and specialist knowledge in supporting organisations to achieve outcomes for impact.


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Our portfolio includes more than 500 organisations driving meaningful and lasting change

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