Organisational Capabilities

We support organisations to harness the full potential of diversity.

Community Capital

We build cultural inclusiveness in local and global communities

Social Impact

We are passionate about driving bold and innovative impact with social conscience

Myriad Kofkin Global is an impact advisory business partnering with purpose driven organisations to maximise their impact and future sustainability.

Years of Combined Work Experience

About Us

Trainings and Workshops Delivered

Hours of Research Conducted

At Myriad Kofkin Global we focus on:

Organisational capabilities

  • We build inclusion capabilities across culture, systems and structures using intersectional analysis.
  • We inspire collective commitment by building connections for reciprocal learning and growth.

Community capital

  • We build cultural inclusiveness in local and global communities, working collaboratively to co-design sustainable solutions that reflect community needs and expectations.
  • We build connections that raise diverse community voices and support inclusive civic, social and economic participation.

Social impact

  • We embrace responsibility in measuring the impact of our work and are passionate about driving positive social change.
  • We have a deep appreciation that meaningful change requires strong collective commitment and work to inspire, support and deliver.

Our portfolio includes more than 500 organisations driving meaningful and lasting change

Our People

Our multidisciplinary team offer expertise in developing and delivering impact advisory services using evidence-based methodologies. Our Principal Consultants alone have over 55 years combined experience, expertise and specialist knowledge in supporting organisations to achieve outcomes for impact.


Our Partners

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