About Us

We are an impact driven business with a social conscience and commitment to positive change and scaling purpose.


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Partner with you to develop internal insights, reflect on strengths, identify opportunities and support you to sustain progress into the future.


Develop and deliver customised facilitation, training and engagement opportunities to build your capabilities.

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Strengthen workforce competencies to ensure workplace cultures are inclusive of all aspects of human identity.

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Support and enable you to harness your passion and commitment for social change and social justice.


Work with you to explore and create opportunities to engage diverse communities, and to develop deep understanding of the complexities that characterise communities.


Help you develop specialisation to better understand how diversity, equity and equality connect with social policy and government practice.


Support you to develop inclusive environments that respect human rights, celebrate true diversity and foster genuine and meaningful participation.

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Support you to implement social justice principles of participation, access and equity in all aspects of organisational operations.

Our Timeline


Myriad Consultants founded by Maria Dimopoulos and Rhonda Baker who held a shared vision for inclusion and positive social and systems change.


Inspired by the ethos and impact of the business, Georgia Prattis joins Myriad Consultants.


Work opportunities expand beyond Australia and Myriad International Consulting Services is born.


Myriad Kofkin Global emerges through shared values and the pursuit of collective impact.

Our Work

Myriad Kofkin Global focus on unleashing the full potential of diversity helping teams, organisations and communities to thrive through equity and inclusion. We can help achieve transformation at the systemic, structural and cultural level. Our work is tailored to the specific needs of our clients and results in genuine, sustainable value for our clients.

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Our Approach

Listen and Learn

Think And Design

Collaborate and Deliver

Our areas of expertise

diversity inclusion

Diversity, equity and inclusion

human rights

Human rights

cultural diversity

Cultural diversity

unconcious bias

Unconscious Bias

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Gender equality

anti discrimantion



Intersectionality - analysis & application

no gender violence

Eliminating gender based violence